Harvest Assembly, 61 Curlew Drive, Toronto, ON

   Phone : 416-441-2001

   Email : harvest@harvestassembly.ca

Sunday Service:  11 am    

Bible Study / Prayer: Wednesday's at 7 pm     


-       Personal worship: Spend time worshipping God and thanking Him for all He has done for you.

-       Personal repentance: Ask God to search you. Confess each sin to the Lord, asking for forgiveness.

-       Personal hunger: Ask God to help you be more hungry for Him and His presence.

-       Personal holiness: Pray to be more holy, closer & set apart for God and further away from the world.

-       Personal ministry: Devote yourself afresh to God and ask Him how and where He wants to use you.

-       Personal needs: Pray & fast & make your requests to God for any personal needs in your life or family.


Harvest Assembly

-       Pray and ask God to help us be totally devoted to Him and led by Him in all things.

-       Pray that our Pastors would be godly, hungry for God, pure and holy and protected from attacks by the enemy.

-       Pray for all of our families and marriages, including our pastor’s.

-       Ask God that His presence and Spirit would move mightily in our services so we would be changed.

-       Ask God to release, empower and help His people to be used in spiritual gifts.

-       Pray that our teaching and preaching would be anointed and blessed by God.

-       Pray for our worship team that they would be anointed and led by God and that our worship would be powerful.

-       Pray for additional musicians, specifically for a keyboard player, bass player, guitar player and an additional drummer.

-       Pray that God would give us many new believers this year and that He would bless our Outreach ministries.

-       Pray and ask God to bless Harvest with new families, children and youth.



-       Pray & ask God to pour out His Spirit on our nation and bring revival to Canada.

-       Pray that Christ’s church would rise up and pray according to 2 Chronicles 7:14.

-       Pray for salvation, help, protection and wisdom for our Prime Minister and His government.

-       Pray for our Federal elections this fall and pray that godly leaders would be elected.

-       Pray that ungodly laws would be struck down and replaced with godly laws.

-       Pray that our new Prime Minister would introduce legislation outlawing abortion. 



-       Pray for Premier Doug Ford, for salvation, that he would pray and depend on God as a leader in Ontario.

-       Pray for all the government leaders in Ontario that they would commit their lives to Christ.

-       Pray for a new and moral sex curriculum for our children in their schools.



“Even now,” declares the LORD, “return to me with all your heart,

 with fasting and weeping and mourning.”


Joel 2:12