Harvest Assembly, 61 Curlew Drive, Toronto, ON

   Phone : 416-441-2001

   Email : harvest@harvestassembly.ca

Sunday Service:  11 am    

Bible Study / Prayer: Wednesday's at 7 pm     


Bible Study and Prayer



We hold to a very strong value and conviction that spiritual disciplines are very important. Without a doubt, studying God's Word and praying are two of the most important spiritual disciplines in God's Kingdom.

We believe that all believers should be reading and studying God's Word and praying on a daily basis.

So in the life of God's people we see in God's Word that they came together to do many things, and certainly studying God's Word and praying together were two of the most important.

These two spiritual disciplines are very important to us so we come to God's House on Wednesday evenings at 7 pm for Bible Study and Prayer.

We usually finish between 8:30 and 9:00 but it is a very good time spent in God's Word and in God's presence.

Join us.