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New Series beginning March 13, 2016.
    This Sunday, August 28, will be our final message in our current sermon series ...Full Story
This Sunday
This Sunday August 28 Pastor Gary will be preaching his last sermon in our series on ...Full Story

Nothing is more important than your time and relationship with God!



I don't know if you've been following things going on in the world but it seems to me there is more and more uncertainly and less and less stability. The US election process is more insulting and negative and polarizing than anything I have witnessed in my lifetime.
The world economy is teetering on the brink of collapse and it is actually worse than what many are reporting. It wouldn't take much for it to implode like a house of cards. The middle east and that part of the world could also explode and the devastating natural disasters continue all over the world.
But God.....! He is our hope, the anchor for our soul and the promise that we stand on. And He will never leave you, never turn you away and will always be with you to help you through every situation you face. Trust and have faith in God. Read and stand on His Word and He will slowly transform you into the man and woman of God He has destined you to be.