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Faithfulness Means Obedience!

Obedience is better than sacrifice!

God has told us that if we obey Him, that's better than any sacrifice we make for Him. He's also told us that if we want to be faithful to God, then we should start by obeying Him! He also has told us that if we love Him we should keep His commandments.....which brings us back to the obedience issue. 

I think most of God's people that I've met want God to see them and consider them as being faithful to Him. If that describes you then you must obey Him....in everything! One of the reasons we attend church is because God commands it. The reason we treat one another with love and compassion, or why we bring offerings to church, or why we forgive one another and on and on....is because God commands us to do those things. He wants is to be unified!
Obeying God means we love Him. Jesus even said that whoever does the Father's will is His brother and sister. We can't live by our emotions. Some people do what "they feel" like doing at any particular moment. God says, "Obey me" no matter how you feel or where or who you're with.
It seems like every day or every week we read about someone doing something that is so against what God teaches us. Our world and society is being led down a path and they are blindly following along and agreeing with whatever some people say.
You and I are called to obey God. Say yes to what is right and no to what is wrong. No matter what, you and I are called, commanded, to obey God. On the day we stand before God how we obeyed God will be so important. Some will hear, "Well done!". Some won't. All of us will probably be surprised at who hears what. So the best way to prepare for that day. Just obey God.....each and every one of us!